Mobilising Schools

A new way of teaching and learning.

The aim of the mSchools initiative in the Mobile World Capital is to fuel the academic ecosystem, enhance learning outcomes and embrace mobile technologies as an opportunity for change. The programme brings together public and private institutions in support of the mSchools initiative, opening up new ways of teaching and learning that improve achievement and employability.

"One Programme, four actions"

App Education Course.

A computer science elective offered in Catalan High Schools based on application design and prototype development. This elective is supported by the collaboration and mentoring of local industries.

Mobile learning Awards.

Honours the innovative teacher and student led projects and recognizes the integral role of mobile technology in education.

Mobile History Map.

A geo-positioning app allowing students to collaboratively create or edit content on relative points of interest within one kilometre from their schools

Entrepreneurship in mEducation.

A programme designed to foster and promote local mEducation initiatives led jointly by teachers and industry partnerships.

Why Join the App Education Course - Mobilitzem la Informàtica as an Expert or a Teacher

Your participation will be the catalyst for innovation

Become an Expert

  • As an industry mentor, you will help create an educational environment that enables students to incorporate mobile technology as an important learning tool in the classroom.
  • Your support in the mSchools initiative allows students to acquire essential new skills to prepare them for 21st century opportunities.
  • Transfer your experience to a new generation.
  • Leverage your professional knowledge and experience by sharing best practices with educators and students.
  • By mentoring a young audience interested in areas such as programming, graphic design and business development you are giving back to the community.
  • Share and experience the creative process first hand. Mentor your students and take part in their projects; from conception to development and, in some cases, market launch.
  • Transfer your experience an hour at a time mentoring in as many sessions as you like. mSchools counts on you.

Bring the power of mEducation to your students

Be part of the Program

  • We encourage you and your class to become part of the mSchools App Education course and bring the power of mEducation to your students.
  • Based on application design and prototype development,this action is aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial attitudes among students.
  • Supported by the collaboration and mentoring of local industries.
  • Click on this link to find out more information about the App Education course - Mobilitzem la Informàtica