mSchools is a multi-faceted mEducation programme of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, in partnership with the Generalitat of Catalonia, Barcelona City Hall and GSMA.

Launched in 2012, mSchools supports students and teachers effectively integrating mobile technologies into the classroom. mSchools enables access to up-to-date materials, improves collaboration and strengthens learner engagement, opening up new ways of teaching and learning that improve achievement and employability

The mSchools programme brings together private and public institutions helping students build important new skills and preparing them for today's digital world.

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The App Education course, with over 12,000 students enrolled in the 2014-2015 school year, is offered as a computer science elective in 4rth and 3rd year of ESO and Vocational Training in Catalan High Schools, in close collaboration with the Departament d'Ensenyament. App Education focuses on the design and creation of applications for mobile devices, promoting team work in the classroom and introducing the entrepreneurship spirit to students.

In addition, students and teachers receive mentoring from industry experts who volunteer their time to improve the learning outcomes and offer a vision of the industry.

App Education improves students' digital skills and entrepreneurial talent. This course is offered in English and Catalan.

An expert is a professional in the ICT and mobile industry that volunteers helping student groups on creating and developing apps intended to solve a problem.

Experts assist students through online or face-to-face mentoring sessions. Some Experts will be available and willing to help throughout the entire subject course while others will be able to help in concrete areas with their expertise and knowledge.

The ideal mSchools Expert is likely to be a person with:

  • A professional background in mobile technologies with expertise in all or at least one of the following areas: Ideation, Marketing, Market Research, UX Design, Programming, Business Models and Public Speaking.
  • A passion for apps and technology (ICT).
  • A will to share his knowledge with students


You can access to all App Education materials here:


All App Education materials are available for you to download and add to your schools' Moodle platform. Materials are in Catalan and English.

If you are interested in receiving information on the teacher training offered related to App Education or you have any questions regarding the materials you can send an email at:


Interaction with mobile technology experts will create an educational environment that enables students to incorporate mobile technology as both an academic and personal learning tool.

Interaction with an expert will improve students motivation, confidence and stimulate their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit while, at the same time, allow them to explore different professional pathways.

As a result students will gain essential new mobile technology skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Sign up on the mSchools platform with your xtec.cat email and create your Teacher profile. This profile can be edited and improved with relevant information about your school and project.

In order to request help from an Expert you have to create a session in the platform.

You can request help from an Expert through the platform at any time during the school year but we recommend you request an expert earlier in the school year rather than later. Some Experts will be available and willing to help throughout the entire subject course while others will be able to help in concrete areas with their expertise and knowledge.

We also highly recommend to hold a session during these three key points during the course.

  1. Ideation.
  2. App revision and business model.
  3. Pitching and marketing.

To finish, remember that an Expert is a volunteer that offers his time to help the students so we can´t guarantee that an Expert will be always available to meet your request.

The mSchools platform allows you arrange as many sessions as you feel are necessary. Each session will be matched with an expert.

Schedule the classes in advance and prepare all relevant information for the expert beforehand so he can receive it upon choosing a session and have plenty of time to go through all materials and presentations your students have produced.

The sessions follow colour code:

  • A BLACK WINDOW indicates an active sessions for which an expert has been requested
  • An ORANGE WINDOW indicates a session about to expire and urgently needs an expert
  • A GREY WINDOW indicates a closed session that has already been completed
  • The colour code system identifies the status of sessions: Active, About to Expire, Closed.

The Teacher posts a session on the mSchools platform offering up to four different times and hours and including all relevant data and requested areas of expertise for the expert to identify if he is an appropriate candidate.

Based on his availability and area of expertise, the expert chooses to participate in one session and the platform automatically sends emails to both expert and Teacher confirming participation and contact details.

From this point on, all communications are direct between Teacher and expert. It is strongly recommended that all interaction between Teachers and experts is done via email for the preparation of the session and the delivery of all materials experts need to have access to, including presentations, videos, etc.

On the agreed date and time, expert and Teacher will launch a videoconference in the classroom via Skype or Google Hangout and the session will begin following the structure mentioned below. Once the session is completed, the Teacher will send the expert student elaborated meeting minutes that the expert will need to agree or disagree with.

Should Teacher and expert agree to, sessions could take place at school. Nonetheless, these are private arrangements between expert and Teacher and mSchools is not involved or responsible for them.
The mentoring sessions can also be held in the classroom with the direct interaction of the Expert. This must be prearranged with the Teacher beforehand.

All interaction is online via Skype or Google Hangout sessions.

Experts and students cannot communicate outside the context of the mSchools mentoring sessions. Any and all additional communication outside the mSchools session is to be channeled through the Teacher.

On-line sessions are one hour long and should follow the recommended structure:

  1. Introduction (2 min): The expert explains his career and professional skills.
  2. Questions (50 min): Each group of students explains his/her idea of an application, followed by a series of questions (Experts can interact with no more than 5 groups per session).
  3. Final feedback (5 min): The expert provides information on common issues to all groups.


Help build the future of the next generation
As an industry mentor, you will help create an educational environment that enables students to incorporate mobile technology as an important learning tool in the classroom.
Your support in the mSchools initiative allows students to acquire essential new skills to prepare them for 21st century opportunities.
Education from a different angle
Leverage your professional knowledge and experience by sharing best practices with educators and students.
Share and experience the creative process first hand. Mentor your students and take part in their projects; from conception to development and, in some cases, market launch.
Join a growing mSchools community
By mentoring a young audience interested in areas such as programming, graphic design and business development you are giving back to the community.
Join a growing community of professionals that share your interest in making a difference in the educational world.

The mentor's community is varied and consists of professionals with different backgrounds and expertise who can provide help and advice on app projects that students are developing.

mSchools provides training and assistance for your participation as an Expert and organizes events to get your feedback.

Register with your LinkedIn profile. This will automatically generate your new mSchools Expert profile.

Editing your profile is easy: you can add keywords or other useful information you consider necessary to better explain your Expert profile.

You will be contacted by a Teacher via email. After booking your session you can exchange and review materials.

The matchmaking process works as follows:

  1. The Teacher creates a session indicating possible dates and times.
  2. Experts choose sessions based on their own availability.
  3. The Expert receives a confirmation email once matchmaking is done, and waits for a Teacher to contact him / her via email.
  4. At this stage, Teachers and Experts exchange project materials via email.
  5. Interaction with the students is via Skype or Google Hangout only.
  6. Once the session has ended, the Teacher sends a copy of the meeting's minutes to be validated by the Expert.

As an Expert you decide how much and for how long you want to commit and dedicate your time to the program and in helping a particular teacher or class group. This might depend also on your availability.

You can choose to assign to yourself a one-time session where a teacher asks for help in a specific topic or a session where a teacher asks for an elongated help throughout the course of the subject. The latter, might request a more mentor figure and we estimate that this type of help could take up to 10-15 hours of volunteering work from Oct until June per class group. Just as a reference, we recommend teachers to seek Experts help in three key points in the course of the subject:

  1. Ideation
  2. App revision and business model
  3. Pitching and marketing

As mentioned before, it is up to you what kind of session you assign to yourself and in what or for how long you are willing to help a teacher or class group.


If you or your company might be interested in offering the mSchools Experts as a corporate volunteering programme to employees do not hesitate to contact us at: mschools@mobileworldcapital.com for further information.