Why join the mSchools Program?

  • As a Teacher, Interaction with mobile technology experts will create an educational environment that enables students to incorporate mobile technology as both an academic and personal learning tool. Interaction with an expert will improve students motivation and stimulate their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit while, at the same time, allow them to discover their professional pathway.
  • As a result Teachers and students improve collaboration with industry and while taking advantage of the opportunity to renew and transform traditional learning and teaching methods.
  • We encourage you to become a part of the mSchools initiative and bring the power of mEducation to your students.
Become an mSchools Expert

Find experts specialized in


This is the first session in which students and experts interact and co-create ideas. Experts will provide initial information on the project definition.

Market Research.

Experts encourage students to conduct their own market research. The Experts role here is to help guide the students develop and plan their research strategy.

Applications of ideas.

These sessions focus on the technical applications of idea generation and the choice of platforms available.

Users experience Design.

Students, together with the Expert, work on the user experience side of their application. During the session, the expert must provide information on application development, scripts, graphics, diagrams etc.

Business models.

Students choose a business model that best fits the idea and design of their application. Experts will guide the students on the specifics of their business model targets..

Public Speaking.

Students practice techniques and skills of public speaking. The Experts role here is to help them improve their style and approach.