Volunteers who wish to participate as Experts in the mSchools Programme must adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I understand the scope and significance of the mSchools App Education initiative (hereinafter, the initiative) and the implications of my participation in it as an expert.

  2. I will act with respect, honesty, personal and professional integrity and with responsibility to the teachers, students and organization, for the development and implementation of the initiative.

  3. I will not have or maintain any kind of contact with minors, directly or indirectly associated to the initiative, without prior permission from and presence of their parents, guardians or school teachers. In any case I will not have or maintain any kind of contact outside the framework of the initiative. I also declare to not record, communicate publicly or distribute videoconferencing sessions conducted during the development of the initiative. In particular, I will not capture images or sound recordings of students during the development of the initiative.

  4. I will not use any idea, product or material developed by a student in order to promote my business or my personal interests and will maintain the confidentiality of all ideas, products and materials that have been entrusted to me.

  5. I acknowledge that the responsibility of ideas or contents created by students correspond to them exclusively, and consequently, the exercise of intellectual property rights pertaining to that status.

  6. I consent that my contact and image -understood as the graphic representation of my human figure or any of the elements of my personality (name, voice, "alias", face, etc.) - can be used both by the Fundación Barcelona Mobile World Capital Foundation and by GSMA Ltd. to fulfil the aims derived from the initiative. Also, I agree that if I sign up through a corporate programme, anonymous data of my participation in the framework of this initiative can be facilitated to my company or organization.

  7. I agree that my participation in the initiative will be immediately revoked for noncompliance with any of the aforementioned principles.